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Components of the pump with canned motor

The Vortex domestic hot water pumps of the model series BW/BWZ 401 are driven by a canned motor.

1 | Pump housing with cap fittings

The pump housing is made of bronze. The motor is secured to the pump housing with four bolts, thus allowing the installating position of the motor to be varied.
As a standard the domestic hot water pumps are equipped with screw fittings 3/4" internal. They are also available without cap fittings or with Ø 22 internal brazed fittings.

2 | Hydraulic Component
Impeller, Rotor, Motor shaft

The rotor casing and gap are made of stainless steel, the impeller is made of technopolymer. The graphite-seated motor shaft is lubricated by the medium and therefore achieves a long service life. The motor shaft is made of ceramics.

3 | Motor

The domesic hot water pumps with canned motor are powered by a two-pole blocking-resistant asynchronous motor. It is not necessary to provide any additional protective switch for the motor. The insulating system corresponds to Insulation Class F.

4 | Speed adjustment

The pump speed is selected at the conduit box. For hydraulic power modulation the pump is equipped with a manually operated 3-step switch.

5 | Vent screw

The vent screw serves as ventilation for the pump and for movement of the motor shaft after long idle periodes.

6 | Timer

The delivery scope of the BWZ 401 domestic hot water pump includes the external timer with a 24-hour clock face.

7 | Non-return valve RV 402

As an extra we recommend the RV 402 non-return valve matching to the pump.