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You need hot water?

We memorize it.

You owe it to yourself not having to worry about everything. Unbeatable convenience combined with ­substantial energy savings - who else can ­offer that? Our intelligent pump for domestic hot water BWO 155 SL with AUTOlearn technology. In addition to the main advantages of this pump series our pump delivers comfort from the very first day. You do not need to enter unit parameters such as time or temperature, etc. - now that is what we call unbeatable convenience.

How does AUTOlearn work?

Our intelligent BWO 155 SL domestic hot water pump detects when hot water is requested from consumers via a temperature sensor at the forward pipe. This is memorized by our electronic unit that proactively provides sufficient hot water at these times. In parallel the pump runs in a specific temperature mode for the first 2 weeks, so comfort is given from the very beginning.

Individual settings can also be made through various comfort adjustments. These result either in increased comfort or in even more energy savings than achieved by default setting.